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Name:Det. Jason Walsh
Birthdate:Mar 22
Location:New York, United States of America

This is how it works.
We pass the badge down until it kills you.
And then we hang it on a wall.
So let's raise a glass.
Because a cop is dead.
And he most certainly won't be forgotten.
Hear, Hear.

Name: Jason Walsh
Job: Homicide Detective, NYPD 2nd Precinct
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: light brown/greenish
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175lbs
Personality: Jason personality wise is really defined moment by moment and what is happening. e can go from serious to playful if it's the right time. It all depends on the environment and what he's doing. There are times he seems like a big juvenile such as the pranks he pulls on Alvarez. Sending him on a wild goose chase or messing with his desk. He does these things to both try and wake Alvarez up and to lighten the mood surrounding their jobs. He figures a bit of fun can make light of all they see on a daily basis working homicide. He loves a good prank and enjoys the challenge of coming up with new ones. Intelligent and doesn't come off as the stereotypical dumb ex-jock some former athletes can be. He is quick to figure out things pertaining to a case. He just comes across as a down to earth guy. He does keep some of his past to himself only sharing it with a few people. He's also not afraid to make fun of himself such as when he tells Casey to make her feel better about being a disappointment to her father that his mother dressed him like a girl until he was six. SOmething he simply threw out there her not knowing if it's true or false but it did make her feel a bit better.

Jason's dreams were never to become a cop but circumstances with his slain girlfriend brought him to what just may be his true calling. He's found he's really good at his job. He does what's right to him and does his best to not let his personal feelings interfere. Of course when it involves someone he's close to that's hard to do such as with Kowalski's death and Beaumont being shot. As for quirks the only ones Jason has are his penchant for pulling pranks and his views on having secrets. He hides some of his past and part of that is the guilt that comes with knowing he had a part in the death of his girlfriend.
Bio: Jason Walsh is a detective with the NYPD's 2nd Precinct who are known through out as The Unusuals. He didn't start off wanting to be a cop however, he has a story on how he got there. Every cop has a story. why they do what they do. What their story is dictates what kind of police they are.

Jason was a star baseball player in High School. He loved the sport and his passion showed as well as his talent for it. This drew the eye of some scouts who came out to get him to sign. Now being a New Yorker when the Yankees came and wanted him it was a no-brainer for Jason. He signed on to play for their minor league team and loved it. He enjoyed playing his position at first base. He however being young and stupid decided to make some extra money on the side by throwing a few games for some unsavory people. The games never compromised their standings or that's how he tried to justify it to himself. Things in his mind changed when he got the call to the major league team. His girlfriend had been so proud of him for making that far and he wanted nothing to taint her view of him. So he decided he wasn't going to throw games anymore. It wasn't as cut and dry as he had hoped as the people he was doing these "favors" for didn't take too well to his news. They threatened him but he stood his ground and wouldn't back down from his choice. If they wanted to hurt him let them in his mind he deserved it. Except it wasn't him they decided to target for retribution. They went after his girlfriend and beat her badly leaving her for dead on the sidewalk. She managed to survive for a week in the hospital before succumbing to her wounds. The police found no leads other than what it was made to look like. A mugging gone bad. After her death he couldn't bring himself to keep playing a game he once loved. A game he marred by taking money and getting his girlfriend killed. Jason quit playing baseball and decided to become a cop so he could put people away like the ones that killed her.

Jason is a good cop and has a deep seeded loyalty to other cops. He'll give them a break in the form of a 13-13 which is the unofficial code for 'officer in trouble'. The investigating officer gets six hours to make the problem go away. Now he'll help but if he finds out that cop is dirty then he does his job and arrests them. He thinks they should get a break but won't look the other way when it comes to corruption. He believes in second chances also like letting Detective Henry Cole keep his secret about being a former armored car thief. He sees Cole as a good cop that made mistakes in his past, much like he did himself during his baseball career. Jason is well liked by his boss Seargant Brown and his coleagues. Though there may just be one fellow detective by the name of Alvarez that dislikes him a bit but Jason isn't sure. This may be because Jason enjoys playing pranks on him such as sending on a wild goosechase looking for a fake CI, giving his desk to a convinct in a cell, or switching his desk out for a miniature desk. It's not that he thinks Alvarez is a bad cop, it's the opposite really. Quite the contary actually. He thinks Alvarez is a good cop who just needs to stop playing the politics game and just be a detective. Walsh recieves the bad news that his partner Burt Kowalski was killed and found in East River Park with multiple stab wounds. With his partner's gun, wallet, and badge missing it was chalked up to yet another mugging gone bad. Kowalski was well known as being a dirty cop and Walsh knew he wasn't a saint but not how dirty he was. He was his partner and had his back and Jason respected that. He opted to do the customary cleaning out of the partner's locker to get rid of all the embarrassing stuff one wouldn't want found. He removed his porn stash, some bondage items that even had Jason wondering what the fuck, rolls of cash and bags of white powder. He also insisted to be the one to tell Kowalski's wife that he was dead. Clearly close to them as he wasn't in the least bit surprised she knew about his other women. He paid a visit to one of Kowalski's mistresses and paid her to not show up to Kowalski's funaeral as the wife even knowing didn't need it flaunted in her face. After Kowalski's death he assigned Casey Shraeger as his new partner. Their first meeting is of her dressed as a hooker as she had quite literally just been pulled from Vice. hraeger helped him investigate his partner's murder and in the course of the investigation they find out he acted like a 'big brother' to some of the hard luck kids. He checked up on them and helped them try and get their lives together, something that didn't surprise Jason either. He also informs Shraeger that the NYPD operates on an economy of favors, if you want something you have to offer something in return. He warms up to Shraeger even helping her get a favor she needed by giving up a trophy he had won involving a gallon of milk drinking contest. He even lets her know when she's done a good job.

Outside of work Jason lives in the back of a place called Stage Restaurant which he spends time running as well. When he has the time he opens it and works as a short order cook. He's not too shabby at it either and will improvise if needed. Such as being out of fruit and using Skittles as a reduction instead. The place isn't open very often with his work as a Detective taking up a lot of his time. Just beware if you try to rob him or you know kill him, he does have a shotgun under the counter. He had to use it when Frank Lutz, an old friend of Nathan Granger aka Henry COle, came and tried to kill him. Sent the guy running only to find that his lover Allison Beaumont had been shot. Because of what happened with his girlfriend he had trouble going into the hospital when she was in the hospital finally telling her why it took him so long. Telling her he needed her to get better. Jason and Allison have a numbers game; they spout out numbers no one else knows what they. They in fact are the amount of times they have thought about sex with the other. Walsh's philosophy is that we are our secrets. That they keep us sane. He also dislikes people apologizing for being human. He also says he likes a woman with secrets and one that can lie. Jason has stated how can you trust someone without secrets. An odd philosophy but in his mind it makes sense because if a person can't keep secrets then how can you trust them with yours?

Disclaimer: Detective Jason Walsh is a character that appeared on The Unusuals. The show was cancelled in 2009 after just 10 episodes. The actor that portrayed him is the talented Jeremy Renner. I claim no rights to either Jason or Jeremy. Muse and mun are both over the age of eighteen. Jason is open to verses but unless you are a canon-mate he will not automatically know your muse. Also please do not assume yours knows him unless it's a meme and it's needed. If you'd like to set something up feel free to PM me, I'm friendly. I swear.
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